Thursday, January 9, 2014


Gabby, went missing from Keyser Avenue and Mangrum Court on 5/5/14. She is an indoor-only cat and has been for her entire life, but she’s a smart cookie, and found a way to pry open the front door to escape.I’ve been searching desperately for her in my neighborhood in Emerald Hills, but on Saturday, May 10, a wonderful K9 handler used her search dogs to track Gabby’s unique, particular scent right to N. 34th Terrace in the Tamerlane subdivision off of North Park Road. From there, her scent trail ended. Which means someone has seen her, and took her into their home or put her into their car from there.
Gabby has two medical conditions, one of them very serious. She was supposed to be admitted to the hospital this past week for an ultrasound to find the source of it and progress through treatment. Her blood work was serious three weeks ago, and has worsened in that time. The longer it takes to get her back, the sicker she will get without treatment.
Michelle (her owner) is offering a five hundred dollar ($500) reward to anyone with information leading to her safe return. she is also offering a $1000 bonus to the person who physically puts her back in my arms safe and sound. She has no doubt that whoever has her took her in with the very best of intentions, and she won’t ask any questions—all she want is her family back home.
Please share the above flyer with your family and friends to help Gabby return to her loving home.
Anyone with information about Gabby please contact:
Michelle Hodkin (for more pictures, videos and maps of the search area)
#findgabby (to spread the word)

This beautiful Tortie is "Bebe". She has been missing since May 6 after 11pm from Tangier Street in North Gables, FL. She is spayed and has no ear tip.

Any information regarding Bebe please contact Antonio Vega at


  1. Poor little guy! I hope he is found safe and sound! xx

  2. That poor swwet boy. We hope he gets found soon.

  3. dood...we hope yur peepulz findz ewe ore ewe finds yur peepulz reeeeeeely quik...may St Francis leed ya bak home wear ya bee long.....XXX

  4. I hope he's found soon. I'll share the link.