Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cat Man--Keith Phillips

We often hear people say "I'm not a cat person" and then we learn they NEVER had a cat of their own. Their decisions are often based on the cat of a friend, relative, neighbor. Sure some cats are distant (the scaredy cat) or aloof. And some even protective. For some reason the world is amiss that cats come in all shapes, sizes and personalities!  Many cats exhibit  "friendly dog gestures"  and will greet you (expecting a treat), roll on their backs exposing their belly inviting you to scratch their tub of love...Some you have to earn their respect before they welcome you into their inner sanctum. Heard the expression, "Dogs think they're human, Cats think they're God" there's a lot of truth in jest.

Then there is the macho thing. It's bad enough when men say "you'll never see me with a toy dog" yet if a future girlfriend has one, the boyfriends are more invested in the dog than the girl. (Remember the story of Homer, the blind black cat where the guys were still interested in playing with Homer after breaking up with the mother)? But when a guy looks at you like an alien for having 3 or more cats, suddenly having a toy chihuahua is not so foreign to them. And they say women don't know what they want! It really boils down to ignorance, or more diplomatically stated "lack of knowledge". But we think for men it's mostly about insecurity. But that's just our nonexpert opinion.

Well we came across this great story of a converted man, Keith Phillips who never had a cat and now has three cats, works with therapy cat, and helps spreads the message of the need to spay/neuter and educates about stray cats.

Read Keith's story on cat blog "I Have Cat". Our fellow blogger, Tamar, is a single girl living in NYC with two cats and writes an entertaining blog, "I Have Cat" about being single, dating and having two cats (piece of cake in our opinion--try having more than 3! That's complicated). Keith was a guest writer for this enlightening post about men and cats. Click on the link below to read about Catman Keith!

 And men? We bet there's a kitty lover within you.

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