Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mylee-- blind, deaf & perfect!

Mylee is an 8 year old super sweet cockergirl who needs a foster or permanent home URGENTLY. I took her out of Miami Dade Animal Services from deathrow after securing a committment from a foster home and now the foster home wanted her out after only 3 days for other reasons.

Little did anyone know, Mylee is blind and partially deaf. There are misperceptions about blind animals. Often they are super human with extra sensory abilities that make up for the blindness and can walk on a leash and move around and play like any normal dog. And the joy they bestow is beyond anything of this world.  For more examples of blind animals, read this summary about Homer, a blind cat that saved his owner from an attacker and so much  more!

Please if anybody can help, call me urgently at 786-416-2860. She is spayed, has all shots, hw-negative and has no other diseases and weighs 22 pounds. Just a gentle lovebug who probably never had any luck so far poor baby. Like other pets, knowing she is loved and care for, she lights up and becomes playful and happy and walks very well on a leash. Unlike other dogs, Mylee is an excellent car rider, even long distances no problem. Mylee is Ms. Congeniality and gets along with other dogs and people and cats! So sweet just needs affection. Upon adoption,  food will be provided, also her dog crate.

Thanks so very much for saving a life and making a difference.
Stephanie E.

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  1. What a sweet girl. I hope you find her the BEST foster! Someone will love her. :)