Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Audrey "Tiffany" Hepburn

Winner of the nationwide black cat photo contest by Best Friend Animal Society

Magnifique! Introducing the petite, sprightly and sassy Audrey "Tiffany" Hepburn (remember her role in "Breakfast at Tiffany's)?  We should have named her Holly Golightly after her nemesis as she uses her female charm to seduce you into spoon feeding her moist food and whatever she wants.  Tiffany has that exotic  look, like Bast (ancient Egyptian goddess), which explains her divaness. She is the ruler of her kingdom. And to believe she was once living on the streets! Yes Tiffany went from rags to riches!
Click here to see her former environment--a black diamond in the rough. Formerly called Audrey.

Tiffany is a year old but quite small for an adult cat. She has a lot of energy and needs a home where she can freely run and climb and also a playmate (another lively cat) to expend that energy.

She prefers moist food over dry food which is much healthier and may explain why she doesn't get fat like most indoor cats.

For only $75.00 you can adopt a gorgeous black female cat that has been bloodtested, vaccinated, spayed and with a microchip. U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan war can adopt this gorgeous pet at no cost! All medical paperwork is available. Also, you will receive a lovely gift basket containing a luxurious pet bed, ceramic pet bowl, several cans of premium moist cat food, bag of dry food, several toys including her favorite ones with cat nip, a book about cats AND a bottle of Coppola wine (red or white). Christopher Coppola and Otto, his black biker cat were the celebrity guests at Black Cat gala and have personally donated the bottles of wine for anyone who adopts a black cat from this website.

We'll also include her sleek, satin white collar with bell and bow.

This photo at top was winning photo for a contest sponsored by Best Friend Animal Society to raise awareness of the beauty, elegance and intelligence of black cats. This was just announced, so if you're interested in meeting and adopting Tiffany, please contact us right away.

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