Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Death of Common Sense and Cats

Guest post by Lorena Parapova

In reading and following the Loews Hotel disaster surrounding the outdoor cats that lived peacefully on expansive lush landscaped hotel grounds, I am beyond shocked that a major hotel chain with a brand slogan "Loews Loves Pets" would make a rash, senseless decision without expert advice. Where was common sense?
If Loews Hotels has clearly mandated no cats on the property, then we know there will always be cats for various reasons. Let's review those reasons.

1. The Vacuum Effect. It's already happening. Unsterilized cats have already moved in. we know this from the trapping by Critter Control of three intact cats as documented on I just received the update today that security guards at Loews Hotels are seeing many more new cats on the property. We told you so.

2. The very close proximity of residential neighborhoods to the Loews properties.  Some outdoor cats roam well beyond the perimeters of their home.  What happens when Loews traps someone's outdoor pet cat?
3. Loews may think by stopping the feeding piles the cats will go away. The fact is it's human nature to feed a starving animal. There will ALWAYS be someone leaving food, whether it's an employee or hotel guest, it will happen. Realistically you can't put cameras in every nook and cranny of a property that size.

Therefore, Loews Hotels will essentially be committing additional funds to trap and send cats to their death for eternity.  A service that was provided for free to Loews for stabilizing the cat population, Loews Hotels is going to significant lengths and money to eliminate cats. Congratulations Loews--you just walked into your own trap! You are killing cats and your brand!

   Loews Hotels-- Orlando's official cat killers.  
With the same amount of time and money and energy, Loews Hotels could have easily started a cat sanctuary right there on property! Where? Well if Loews is providing hotel rooms for the trappers, those hotel rooms could be joined and converted into an indoor sanctuary! Ok so instead of two hotel rooms make it three rooms to give them a little leg room. It's a five star hotel, give them some space. Or with the backing of a billion dollar holding company that deals with insurance, and oil rigs, pipeline transport and Mr. Tisch is co-owner of NY giants, certainly they could spare a million dollars a year to run a high occupancy cat sanctuary like the model one in Brazil or Naples, Florida.
Hotels, Insurance, Oil Rigs, Cat Killers
So I have to wonder if the Chairman, Mr. Tisch, and CEO, Paul Whetsell even know the details and exactly what's transpiring, other than their secretaries sending template responses "that forward your concerns to the Orlando team"?  That's the problem, the Orlando team has not responded.  Oh and did you see our Tweet appear on the megatron in Times Square? I was just thinking? Who's the CMO? Loews Hotels is taking a huge risk with their brand.  No one at Loews Hotels has ever answered the following critical questions.
How will Loews know if they trapped someone's pet cat? There's greater risk of domesticated dogs attacking another dog and hotel guests, it's happened many times, so why do they allow pets? What about the ducks!? There's greater risk of getting bitten by the ducks if you get close to them.  There's greater risk of someone slipping and falling while getting out of the shower. Mr. Tisch should know, he's founder of the holding company that specializes in insurance. Animal lovers are a growing population in this country. We are not going to forget or let this go.
CARE Feline is a small nonprofit organization and cannot bail out  future cats trapped by Loews Hotels. That's why TNRM works! It controlled the population without overcrowding the shelters and sending cats to their death. (God bless Carol and Alejandra and other nameless CARE volunteers for your angelic efforts).
The current Loews Hotel cats were like outdoor pets. You don't have to snuggle with a cat to be considered a pet. They have a name, a story, they knew the caretakers. The cats knew they were loved, until Loews Hotel betrayed them, ripped them from their home and made them suffer...oh my gosh, I still can't get over the number of injuries and the trauma they went through and still endure. While many have been relocated to new homes, they are still in the oversized cages. We can only pray when the day comes to open the cages and release them to the backyard that they will stay and not run away encountering...I shudder at the thought. Speaking of which, Bernie and Matrix have been released over a week ago and have not been seen. This is why rescue groups do not offer relocation as viable option.
Sadly, instead of admitting their mistake and correcting it, Loews Hotel is quietly going forward. Critter Control is now wearing regular clothes instead of uniforms and driving Loews trucks.  But the cats that remain still face a horrible, painful future called trapping and relocation.
Seriously folks. There's so much more we can do and must do! Write your letters to the new CEO Paul Whetsell.  Also, pick up the phone and call him. OK--you'll never get to speak to him directly but ask for him. And then give the assistant an earful! Be polite but have your concerns and questions ready, memorized, heartfelt...Leave your name and phone number or address.

Loews Hotels
Corporate Head Office

667 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10065
Phone: (212) 521-2000

And Please sign the latest petition !!!

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  1. Loews Hotels is certainly taking a huge risk. Here is an excellent article in Fast Company talking about the 7 Universal Truths for ensuring brand relevance. Loews Hotels is going against all principles of branding.