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Riverfront Cats was tracking the progress of the successful TNRM program at Loews Orlando Hotels. Upon concluding  her case study, Christine sadly learned in December 2011, of Loews' decision  to eliminate all the cats on the property.  Many blog posts, articles and events have occurred. To help you track this case chronologically we list the relevant links from the beginning.  The most recent postings are at the bottom.

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Loews Loathes Pets?
This is the first posting sounding the alarm about Loews hotels' sudden reversal to eliminate harmless, healthy, outdoor cats. The posting provides a complete background of the inception of TNRM and photos of the cats and their beautiful Italian-theme cat feeding mansions.

Loews Abandons Successful TNRM program
In sounding the alarm, Christine reached out to fellow cat bloggers and the media across the nation. When cat and animal lovers learned that a mother and her kittens were already trapped (from the Hard Rock Hotel) and later euthanized at the shelter, bloggers unleashed their fury. The USA Today also picked up the story. Loews, in feeling the pressure, stopped trapping but then announced they would relocate the cats. This we know is traumatic for the cats. Recognizing that the general public was unaware of the plight of outdoor community cats, we provided various links where cat educators could leave comments that denounced Loews' new decision.  Educating the average person (even though they may own cats) is key to saving these harmless cats.

Mainstreaming of Feral Cats
In a joint effort to kickoff an education campaign due to the Loews Hotels cats cause, author, Deb Barnes, of Zee and Zoey Chronicles, interviewed Christine Michaels about the misconceptions of feral cats and why TNRM works. Video 1 explains the Loews Orlando Hotel situation. Video 2 follows Christine as she feeds the Riverfront cats, some once feral, are now friendly. But all the cats are apparently happy and healthy and welcome Christine's visit.

Urgent Update: Loews Orlando Hotels Resume Trapping
Riverfront Cats received a tip that Loews had hired a wildlife exterminator (Critter Control) to trap the cats and drop them off at local animal shelter. We were ready and one informant was on property to verify that Critter Control was at the Loews Orlando Hotels setting traps. Loews buried the announcement in a separate section of their Facebook page.

The Official Press Release by Save Loews Cats organizers summarizing events and the inhumane trapping by Critter Control. The photos speak volumes.

The Protest against Loews Orlando Universal Hotels --an account of a compassionate (not crazy) cat lady's adventure.

On Earth Day, Christine is reminded of the sad plight of the Loews Hotel cats. She recalls the artwork throughout the Loews Portofino that features upscale residents with an outdoor cat.

Why Won't Loews Hotel Tell the Truth?  
Loews Hotels responded to some letters with another template response with more falsehoods and blanket statements.

The Death of Common Sense and Cats
A concerned supporter points out the holes in Loews Hotel's logic to rid of cats. It will only lead to more senseless killing.

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Thanks to the tremendous coordination by Care Feline TNR and kind-hearted residents, most cats have been relocated. We pray for their safe release.

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