Friday, April 27, 2012

Iranian Special Needs Cat Gets New Life in US

While the Loews Orlando Hotels are spending  unlimited amounts of money in security cameras, overtime pay for security guards, and hotel room for Critter Control Trappers, to trap and eliminate healthy, harmless, outdoor cats,  others are gathering funds to save the life of one severely injured cat with a will to live.

This cat had tilted pelvis affecting his hind leg motion and was covered in gasoline and mud in streets of Tehran, Iran. Then well-intentioned vets botched up his leg amputation but at least two pellets were removed from his head.  He was flown to San Francisco and is making remarkable progress. 

Just take a look at this video. It will melt your heart. Special needs cats are super affectionate and intelligent in our opinion.

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  1. What amazing story. I sure hope he finds a wonderful home soon. Keep us posted.