Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Loews Hates Their Own Cats--More Links to share your concerns

The battle continues and Loews still has not agreed to sit down and listen to experts regarding the Loews cats. To continue educating the Loews management and other animal lovers about the benefits of TNR/managed cat colony to reverse homeless animal epidemic in a humane way, please share your comments on the following links. (For the history of the situation, click here).

1. The new "Stop Loews Hotels from Relocating and Traumatizing Harmless Cats" FB community Page. Please be sure to share your comments (be passionate but diplomatic).

2. The USA Today, picked up the story yesterday, January 17, 2012. You can share your comments at the end of the article via Facebook.

3. The general Loews Hotel Facebook page.

4. Loews hotels in Orlando are deleting any comments about the cats on their hotel Facebook page. Instead they created a new FB "notes" page titled FERAL CAT ISSUE where you can offer suggestions for a solution. The ONLY solution is to keep the model program they had of TNR/managed colony. This was organized and paid for by employees.

5. Universal Studios Florida.  They are the landlord that Loews claims is making them "relocate" the cats. If Disney has the same model program for 25 years that has worked with complete success, why can't Universal do the same?

For a complete history of the Loews Hotel cat situation, see the post below or click here.

Thank you for taking  a few minutes to make a difference!

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  1. come on Lowes, your reputation of being animal freindly will be a complete LIE if you remove the cats that being taken care of by a support group. i encourage everyone to boycott their hotel if they follow thru with this terrible decesion