Saturday, May 23, 2015

Peewee The Tuxedo Cat Knows Paw Sign

This beautiful big boy (around 13 pounds) is 6 year old Peewee. He is a people cat, loves to be around his humans, even when he is outside he will stay close to his guardians. He can perfectly join a conversation because he is a talker, but no, he doesn't use his voice, he uses his paws. YES! HE KNOWS PAW SIGN LANGUAGE! PeeWee stands and kneads lifting one paw at a time and curling his foot in and he will paw at night to ask for more food. He even uses his paws to drink water. He is definitely multitalented.
He also loves to be petted, just by making the motion with your hand like you're going to pet him, he will jump first and will try to rub his head against your hand even before you start to pet him. PeeWee is very sociable since he gets along with other cats and dogs. He prefers older children and other adults.

If you are interested in adopting sweet Peewee, please contact Lori Marquis at


  1. What a delightful and very clever kitty!! I hope he finds a loving family very soon!

  2. what a cutie! PeeWee sounds like a lover like Cody. Just tweeted, hope that helps!

  3. Always though Tuxedo cats were black and white only. Nice to learn!

  4. Aww, sweet Peewee! So smart and handsome. We'll send out adoption vibe purrs extra loud so all forever families will come your way!

  5. conga ratz guys on winnin de 2015 nose to nose award...thiz iz mega rockin soooper kewl !!! verree happee for ewe....well deserved...grate job !! ♥♥♥