Monday, May 11, 2015

Book Review: Purr Prints of the Heart

One of my favorite ways to multitask and relax is reading a good book surrounded by my pets. Learning, bonding, relaxing.  Even better is a nonfictional book about pets! Love those true stories. With a newly-released book by award-winning cat author, Deb Barnes, I knew I was in for a special treat.

Jean Pierre is curious about my new book. He loves to curl up next to me.

In reading the summary of the book, this was a must read as my cat and dog are now senior pets. Purr Prints of the Heart, A Cat's Tale of Life, Death & Beyond, is journey of a ragdoll cat.  A sickly kitten that was the last to be adopted.  "The best was saved for last".  This last pick could not be luckier than to be adopted by cat angel, Deb Barnes, long before she became an award-winning cat writer. His dull health turned around and thus begins the lustrous journey of a cat named Mr. Jazz.

Cat Book

Many of us can relate to the lives of our pet children--the day we chose them, their personalities, antics, learning lessons and also when they become sick and age and leave us. And so Purr Prints will have you smiling, laughing, reflecting and celebrating.

Deb deftly tells the life story of the cat- human bond through the voice and viewpoint of her cat, Mr. Jazz. Pet parents in-tune with their fur children will tell you that dogs AND cats do communicate with their humans.  This is why spending quality time with your pets, talking to them (yes talk to them, cats like dogs are extremely intelligent), playing with them, and the simple act of petting them will effect a response.  Their body language is always a message.

So as your cat ages, he/she relies on your understanding to aid them in the final phase of their life. The special guide to coping with loss is invaluable.  The end is a welcoming upturn. A refreshing reminder of the celebration of life and the indelible purr or paw prints pets leave on our hearts. 

So grab a mug of coffee, cup of tea, or glass of wine, curl up on your favorite chair, hammock, sofa, and relax for the next few hours. 

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  1. Lovely! I intend to do the last paragraph soonest!!

  2. Thank you so much for this sweet review, Christine. That is one of my favorite parts of the book and I am so glad you pointed it out - communicating with our pets and having conversations with them. Each of our pets is so wonderfully unique and Mr. Jazz shares his story as he interacts in a multi-pet home where each pet has a role in the book.

    Thank you again - I know Mr. Jazz is purring from above, happy that you enjoyed his story!

  3. Fab review about a must read book. Can't wait to see you at Blogpaws!