Thursday, May 14, 2015

Is That McDreamy on #VetOnDemand?

Geisha relaxed at home in her pet bed for vet visit--online with VetOnDemand

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A foster kitten had a virus. It spread throughout the home. All the other cats (six of them) and environment were treated. Several months later, cats are showing symptoms again. But this time, little Geisha had swollen eyes, with green discharge, and she was lethargic. She's definitely ill. But how ill?

After bringing three of  seven pets to the vet, and doing complete exam, bloodwork and fecal test/urinalysis, all pets showed normal results. Each visit cost about $200. Were Geisha's symptoms minor? Was I overreacting by rushing to the vet every time my cat showed symptoms?

I had questions but didn't want to rush to the vet again. But I did want immediate answers.  Geisha had similar symptoms six months ago and all tests came back normal and I was told she most likely had a URI (upper respiratory infection) and the vet did not recommend antibiotics.  But what about this time?

Hundreds of questions swirled in my head.  I researched online.  It could be a number of causes or illnesses.

If only I could ask some initial questions to help me narrow down probable illnesses and course of action.  And like a genie in a bottle, there it was. Vet on Demand illuminating from my iPad.

VetOnDemand™  is the first mobile application to provide personalized, real time access to a licensed veterinary care via videochat. All you need to do is open the App, set up your pet’s profile and call the vet. Once there is an available vet you will get an alert and your video screen will open up so that you can begin chatting face-to-face with a veterinarian. This app is downloadable through iTunes and can be used for iPhone and iPad.  We love the tablets for their easy-to-read big screens. The cost is only $2.50 a minute.

Opening the VetOnDemand app on the iPad2
Prepared with recent history and events and my list of questions, we spoke with a female doctor (we wrote down her name on paper but the other cat ate the notes for snack. Yes the cat ate the homework!) 

Video chat with licensed vet through Vet on Demand

The vet asked me to do a visual exam with the iPad to see Geisha's demeanor and the physical symptoms. After sharing the entire history leading up to today, she narrowed it down to two possible illnesses but recommended that I take her into our primary vet for a closeup physical exam.  Otherwise she recommended a topical eye ointment which I already had and a couple of over -the- counter products.

My questions were answered. Relief set in! The entire call lasted 15 minutes and at $2.50 per minute that is $37.50.  We covered a lot of information.  A vet visit alone is $50 plus any test and products that vet recommends. 

Geisha ignores the vet and wants to play with her brother.

1.VetOnDemand should not replace your primary vet.  Just like you have a primary physician that you feel comfortable with and knows your history, the same should happen for your pets with a primary vet.  That personal connection and knowledge of your pet family history is valuable.The VetonDemand vet did recommend we visit our primary vet.

2. VetOnDemand is convenient for those moments when it's after-clinic hours, or when you can't leave work early to take your pet into the vet.  Simple advice anytime. VetOnDemand can evaluate risk factors and will advise you if you need to take your pet to emergency pet hospital right away or wait next day to make appointment with primary vet.

3. VetOnDemand as a second opinion.  If you are ever unsure or uneasy, ALWAYS get a second opinion, for a peace of mind. Vets at VetonDemand are licensed and board certified.

4. No stress for pets. This is a big plus when you want a vet to take a look at your pet for initial questions or concerns. .

VetonDemand is another online resource for questions about pet health. While I studied many pages of information to answer my looming questions, I soon learned many NONexperts are giving "opinions" on the Internet which poses a danger.  With VetOnDemand you know you are getting the experts and they can guide you from there even if it is to send you to your primary vet.

With a household of several pets, and foster pets coming in and out, we are excited about VetOnDemand as another source to readily answer pet health related questions.

How do you feel about this new app? Leave a comment below by clicking "comment".

"The vet? What vet? I saw some blonde woman. Let me know when McDreamy arrives"

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  1. I think Vet on Demand can be a life-saver as well as a money saver. My dogs seem to get sick only on weekends and holidays. Having a video chat with a vet can save an emergency visit! Thanks for a great review. ☺

    1. Hi M.K! Yes they all seem to get sick on weekends and holidays, probably because they were mischievous while we're at work! The video chat definitely saved us a trip to ER and we did not have to rush to vet next day. Very helpful.

  2. Dang, I sure missed that one and that is a great idea. Too bad I no longer have an iPhone or iPad. Maybe they will show up on android one of these days.

  3. The price of your call is exactly the price we pay for a cab to and from the vet. We should check this out.