Sunday, May 4, 2014

Queenie Needs You, Not a Palace

Queenie is wondering what's next for her

This black beauty is Queenie, with a name like this you must think she was living in a palace. Well, this was sort of her case. This lady in distress was abandoned at The Palace senior living facility in Kendall.She was rescued by our volunteer Christina who immediately took her to the vet.

Our sweet Queenie at the vet
 According to the vet she is around nine years old or more.  She is very friendly, gentle and is always looking for attention and food which clearly indicates she may have been someone's kitty. However, our friend noticed she was growing weaker and weaker, having to compete with other strays for food, not having access to clean water, and no visible shelter which made her so frail and thin that those who know her started to worry how she would manage in extreme weather.

Christina started bringing her food and then finally brought her inside in March in hopes to nurse her back to health. For a over a month, she was doing well. But her tummy is swollen and harder than normal, and then she shows signs of not holding her food down, then stopped eating altogether about a week ago. The vet is diagnosing possible Irritable Bowel Disorder, or intestinal lymphoma, which only an ultrasound and surgery could confirm.

Dr. Donocoff currently has Queenie on Prednisone, Flagyl, and Pepsid. They will hold off on doing the Ultrasound ($390) and exploratory surgery ($638) if she does well on the medication. But a second vet did review her x-ray and fears there may be an obstruction. Her current vet bill is $200+. See below for a copy.

Queenie's xray 
Queenie's vet bill

We are asking our dear readers for donations to help us with Queenie's vet bill. Any donation is highly appreciated. $5, $10, $15, $50.

1. Donate online with major credit card or PayPal using the Paypal DONATE button to the right.
2. Mail a check to Pawsitively Humane or Riverfront Cats (contact us for address


  1. I have shared this on FB,hope she gets the help she needs,xx Rachel

  2. We surely do hope that sweetie gets all the help she deserves, and soon.