Thursday, May 8, 2014

Update on Our Very Ill Queenie

Our sweet but very ill Queenie is still on multiple medications and Hills Prescription G/I canned food to help her get well. The good news is she is eating and she is able to hold down her food. However, the vet is recommending an Ultrasound ($390) to help diagnose the issue. It might be a partial obstruction or another cause. Until the ultrasound is not done there is no way to know what is causing her illness.

Queenie is hanging in there, being the fighter she is. Check her new pictures below

"Will I get better soon?"

"I know I look a mess;  I want to live. Will you help me get better? "
"I just want to go back being the healthy Kittie I was"

Here is a short video of Queenie:


She still has life ahead of her to enjoy the new comforts that her foster home brings - a warm soft bed, fresh, clean water and nutritious food every day. For this reason, we are asking our animal-loving friends to donate ANY amount - large or small, everything helps - so we can give Queenie an Ultrasound as quickly as possible and post updates on her progress.

1. Donate online with major credit card or PayPal using the Paypal DONATE button to the right.
2. Mail a check to Pawsitively Humane or Riverfront Cats (contact us for address


  1. We are all sending purrs and prayers to dear Queenie.

  2. Poor Queenie! Sending lots of prayers and good vibes your way that she may get an ultrasound quickly and that she may get better soon!