Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Johnny Walker's Scandalous Reveal!

Johnny Walker eating moist  Hills Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for cats

OK admit it. How many of you have every cheated on a diet? How bad was it? Did you cheat by nibbling on forbidden snacks or did you jump ship entirely?  Well our black cat, Johnny Walker, has been caught cheating on his cat weight loss plan!

Johnny Walkers sees other cats eyeing his "special" food

Johnny Walker has a deep dark secret. But first a proper introduction before the scandalous reveal!

On a November evening I was feeding the Riverfront Cats.  We have a total of three black stray cats--Romeo, Mr. Bear and Midnight.  Then this unknown black cat literally walked up to me, looked up like a dog, a person, talked to me, and started whining.  "I'm so hungry please, help me. I don't belong here. Someone dumped me here. I'm an indoor cat and these vagrants are attacking me. Please, please, please..." (When you work with cats extensively, one learns feline lexicon--I'm not kidding!).

Johnny Walker the first night he was rescued. His lackluster fur, scratches on his face 

The Riverfront cats did not welcome him as seen by visible signs of scratches on his nose and face. He allowed me to pet him and scoop him up and hold him in my arms and he didn't struggle or scratch.  Clearly this was an indoor cat.

Considering he was the first all black cat in the household, that he greeted guests like a butler and was not shy of strangers and would sit still on my lap during videotaped interviews, we knew he was a keeper! Even better, Johnny Walker would be the SPOKESCAT for ALL BLACK CATS!

 A svelte Johnny Walker with lustrous black cat after several months in new home.
Also his first photoshoot. He's a natural !

So what is Johnny Walker's deep dark secret???
He inhaled!!!   Yes Johnny Walker, a celebrity black cat (or so we like to think) has inhaled marijuana.  Well not intentionally. Don't all politicians and celebs take drugs?  Perhaps so. Just when this was getting interesting.

How we imagined Johnny Walker as a kitten with his first cat owner

Johnny Walker poses for Black cat gala photoshoot

As we posted photos on this blog and Facebook in rescuing Johnny Walker, one resident  who stopped by exclaimed--"That is Fred's cat! He dumped the cat outdoors!"  Fred was a single guy living in his father's penthouse condo.  He adopted Johnny Walker as a kitten (JW didn't have a name) and had to move out and decided he didn't want the responsibility of a pet.  Fred apparently spent many days and evenings smoking marijuana that the fumes filled the hallways like chimney smoke.

Johnny Walker was svelte and stunning and photogenic (and neutered).  He was a born supermodel. The other indoor cats did not welcome him into the fold and to this day treat him as the black sheep.  But Johnny Walker knows how to charm any person, family or guest, to give him food. Or he will nibble on your leg to let you know he's hungry.

"I guess we're going to be here awhile..."
As time went by and Johnny Walker comfortably settled into his new home, food was his comfort solution. No surprise there. We wondered if the marijuana kept him slender.  No drugs in this household.  As he gradually gained weight, we knew this was setting a bad example.  It was time to take action. Johnny Walker started the new #HillsPet  Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for Cats in April. The vet indicated he is a large kitty and surprisingly only has to lose two pounds.  But two pounds on a cat is equivalent to 20 pounds for a human. The battle of the bulge begins.

Geisha tries Hill's Metabolic food, now Jean Pierre eats leftovers.
Jean Pierre could lose some belly fat (cat weight loss)

Johnny Walker did not hesitate to eat the new Hills Metabolic dry and moist food.  He actually prefers it to his old food. The other household cats were jealous and wanted to try it.  They loved it!  However we recently discovered that another resident cat has learned how to open doors and was Johnny Walker's go- to- cat for midnight pantry snacks. How much did he pilfer and for how long? Only the other cats know and they're not divulging. Cats pact.

So has this cat lost weight? In looking at Johnny Walker and his floppy belly initially we said "no", but based on how loose his diamond collar fits where it easily slides off without undoing the buckle, may be a sign that he is losing weight.

"It's bowl-lickin' good"

 Jean Pierre licked bowl clean. He wants more Hill's Metabolic cat food!
Stay tuned for the continuation of Johnny Walker's cat weight loss challenge!

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Riverfront Cats only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.


  1. dood.....we got a case oh flounder we will sneek down two ewe yet two day....

    :)....cats pact ♥

    yur lookin good by de way...

  2. So nice to meet you. I'm one of your partners for #HillsPet. Please email me your email address so I can correspond with you when I get going.

  3. What a great secret but it is even better that JW now has a furever home. Mario told us about your blog and we are glad we came by

  4. YAY for go- to- cat for midnight pantry snacks ;-)