Monday, February 17, 2014

For Adoption: Diana The Superstar

Diana is a one year old long-hair, gorgeous Maine Coon type. Brown/beige tabby with beautiful white markings (chest, ruff, paws, tummy) & green eyes. Very playful, sweet, smart and affectionate. 

Lovely Diana was scared, hissy, and focused on just one task when she was rescued: protecting her kittens. She was a loving cat mom; her babies William, Kate, Harry, and Pippa did well and were adopted, two by two. Then Diana went into rehab with her rescuer, a professional cat trainer who honored Diana’s innately gentle personality and set about winning her trust with Reiki, Tellington TTouch, play therapy, massage, slow blinks, and lots of love. Diana quickly turned around and gave the precious gift of her trust. 

Diana’s story is heartwarming because under her gorgeous fur beats a heart of gold. Beautiful Diana is living proof of the transformative power of love: By now she has changed from a sad little waif into a regal, gorgeous cat worthy of her namesake, Princess Diana. She has a world of love and fun to share with a special someone. She loves to play and is friendly with other cats. She likes watching TV and lap-sitting. She enjoys tummy rubs and brushing. She rewards attention and affection with big purrs. She is a superstar!

Anyone interested in Diana, please contact Foster Mom Karen at 305 205-4646 or email her at