Thursday, August 20, 2015

Deliciously Sweet Kittens Need Homes!

Like a candy shop, where you don't know what to choose because everything looks delicious, here we have five sweet-as-candy, too-cute, eight-week-old baby kittens and mother cat  looking for loving homes with great people. All are healthy, tested, vetted and ready to go. They’re guaranteed to make you smile and maybe develop a sweet tooth!

Let's get to know more of each of them:


Tootsie is a little adventurer who adores people and is full of courage and purr-sonality. The only black kitty of the litter. How special is she?!

Kit Kat is a sweetheart who adores playing with shoelaces and being held.

Twix  is a doll who loves to chase feathers until nap-in-your-lap time.

Jelly Bean is the smallest little angel and she’s full of baby sweetness and joy.


Snickers is a darling mama’s boy who loves to play and get special pats.


   Melissa is a beautiful, petite brown tabby with white markings, huge gold eyes & a big heart.

We know you can't adopt just one, they are too cute! Make sure you pass the word so all the “Candy Kittens” can find moms and dads as sweet as they are

If you are interested in any of them, please contact foster moms Karen/Joan/Alyssa at 305-205-4646, 786-301-0795 and Also please share on Facebook, Twitter and email them to friends and contacts!!!


  1. Such sweet kitties! Have shared and hope they all find loving homes !!

  2. They are all adorable! I hope they get forever homes soon.

  3. They are all so sweet!! How does anyone possibly chose!?