Monday, August 17, 2015

National Black Cat Day!


Black cats
Today is a day to celebrate and embrace! At Riverfront Cats we adore the beautiful black cats. It’s unfortunate that these beauties are the hardest to find homes for. But trust us, they are sweet, loving, gentle and oh so gorgeous!

Many of you are aware of one of our favorite black kitties, Rogér, Miami Le Chat Noir. We pronounce his name the French way (  Ruh-jhere)  since he is so similar to the Le Chat Noir poster cat. Rogér was once an unlucky black cat who had his throat slashed and jaw injured. But he was determined to make it through and yes, he did! He's had his setbacks along the way of getting ready for adoption but now is the time for someone with a big heart to step up and welcome this wonderful boy into their home. ADOPT a black cat. Adopt Rogér!

 How can you look into those soulful eyes and not want to make him a part of your family? Rogér has progressed to the point of being ready to be a family member in the right home. It is preferable that his new family consist only of humans. Rogér requires daily insulin shots but he is such a pro at this; he takes his shots like a champ! He went into diabetic shock after a surgery but the insulin shots have that all under control. And when it’s time to go for his vet appointments he is 100% on board. He loves to visit the vet’s office. He believes he is there to get extra pets and love. Don’t you want to be the proud parent of a model vet patient? We are so thankful for his foster mom, Karen. She has dedicated endless hours and outpouring of personal funds to get Rogér where he is today. Because of caring people like yourself we have been able to gather donations to contribute to Rogér’s care over the past couple of years. Karen describes Rogér as the Velveteen Rabbit: it has taken quite a transformation for him to become the cat he is today.  Karen told us, 

it was patience and just offering to play until finally he started watching the toy (his favorite is the long string) in a different way. Then he tried to do something but he had only one move, which was to jump on the string with all four feet, like a frog. Splat! It was very funny and un-cat-like. Later on, he relaxed and began to play like cats play – stalk, pounce, jump, run, snag the string with a claw, take it in his mouth and carry it around. At last, a real cat was at play! Rogér loves to lap sit and likes to rub his head on my chin. He will put his paws around my arm and lie in my lap purring and embracing my arm while my other hand pets or brushes him. That’s his idea of paradise, I think.” 
And if you use social media--this cat is on his way to be FAMOUS! His resemblance to the poster is uncanny and his story is even more amazing!

black cats Le Chat Noir
Those sideway ears!
Let’s remember that there are many other kitties out there that need assistance. Your donations help with the most basic care such as spay and neuter, vaccinations and food. There is no donation that is too small. Even if the only way you can contribute is by forwarding this email to friends and family it will help greatly. Communication is an important component in helping us get care for the homeless cats out there.

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Riverfront Cats has been keeping busy with the feral cat colonies in downtown Miami on SW 11th Street. These furbabies pictured here were rescued from several houses that were demolished. But now the daunting task of TNR of the colony of 20 cats begins. 


You may be asking yourself what options are available to help the Riverfront Cats. How about shopping?! We have an Amazon banner on our page and if you click on that it will take you directly to Amazon. Just shop as you normally would and when you purchase your items Riverfront Cats will receive a percentage from Amazon. Any little bit helps and we all shop on Amazon. Don’t forget the holidays are right around the corner! Riverfront Cats also has a wishlist on Amazon if you would like to make a purchase and send us items that way. Amazon will ship directly to us. 

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For queries to adopt Roger, please contact Karen at 305-205-4646 or email at 


  1. Do hope Roger gets a home soon!! He is a looker and black cats rule!! My budget of 0 extra won't allow me to have him. A neighbor died and I took her 11 Chihuahua so she would have to go to the pound. Have one black cat Sammy and my feral to domesticated Queen Momma. Best wishes to Rodger!

  2. estoy interesada en adoptar un gato negro a donde puedo ir?