Friday, November 22, 2013

People Magazine's Sexy Cat Men 2013

 by Christine Michaels

As I was reading other cat blogs which I follow,  I came across a very special post from my good friend Tamar's blog I HAVE CAT ( a fellow single, sexy cat gal living in the city). The more I read, the more I researched, and swooned and ...(this is a family-friendly blog). So what has me in a catnip induced- like craze?

People magazine's issue of Sexiest Men Alive 2013 hit the stands.  The difference with this issue is that some men were surprised and a bit shy of the idea of  a "sexy" photoshoot. But what put them at ease? Unlike some individuals who need a glass or two or more of alcohol to help them overcome any inhibitions, one actor wanted his cat!

 According to Ian Somerhalder (actor from Vampire Diaries) he would do the photo shoot with his cat  Moke.  "He's my valium. He sedates me... I wake up every morning with him on my face."  replied Ian. What impressed me the most was how Ian spoke candidly about his relationship with his cat and referred to him as "my kid".
 See his video below. Now that is a sexy cat man! 

ALERT Black cat fans!! Below is a video of actor Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead and his black cat Ian the Dark.

People magazine listed other Sexy Cat Men and my favorite?? Gilles Marini! I fell in love with him on Dancing with the Stars.Who are the other lucky men? You'll just have to buy the issue! Let us know who is your favorite?

Now why can't I find one? Shouldn't a sexy cat lady have a sexy cat man?

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  1. My favorite post ever!! So happy to see such positive press for cats! I hope this issue will sell tons and I know it will be one that I will actually be buying!

  2. amen to sexy men with cats!now all we need is sexy men with bunnies!xx Rachel

  3. YAY! At last some street cred for the kitty!!

  4. Wow, loving this post. Cats and men = sexy!

  5. I love that the second guy is raising another cat guy! If he is available, just pack a suitcase and go ring his doorbell!

  6. Go kitties!
    And GO sexy men!!!
    A perfect combo.