Monday, November 18, 2013

Blackie Wants a Third Chance, the Charm

If cats have nine lives, then Blackie is fighting for a third chance.You can make his wish come true!

Blackie in carton box with blanket and heating pad

Before I continue, I must warn you, this posting sheds light on the dark side of our city. These pockets exist not just in Miami but across our country and it's a constant struggle for government officials, law enforcement, and residents to combat crime and violence.  In the meantime, animal welfare advocates do what they can to help the stray dogs and cats of the neighborhood live one more day without hunger and injury.

Blackie's story is special on many levels.  He lives in a depressed area of south west Miami infested with crime and acts of animal cruelty.  Community cats are often targets of BB guns, serve as "play toys" for unleashed pitbulls aggressively chasing these harmless cats (residents train these pitbulls as attack dogs); and targets for speed demon automobiles, their lifeless bodies visible in the middle of the road the next morning.

Blackie is a Survivor

During a very cold spell last winter, our angel volunteer Maria, brought in this tom cat that she trapped, neutered and released four years ago. Her decision was further prompted by the fact that three other community cats went missing.  Most likely victims of the neighborhood crime wave. She couldn't bear the thought, the possibility that her beloved "BigHead" (his outdoor name), would become another deadly statistic. Once indoors, Blackie never looked back. He beat the odds!

It is estimated that Blackie is anywhere from 7-9 years old.  He has survived the worst and has lived longer than most cats in that neighborhood.  No sudden loud noises from gunshots or screeching tires. No rimmed wheels or two legged and four-legged monsters chasing him. He's made it this far which for a black cat, is extraordinary.

Are You a Black Cat Angel?

This weekend he became very ill. His symptoms are dehydration and weakness. The vet is recommending hospitalization, IV fluids and antibiotics. The initial assessment indicates he should survive.  But animal hospitals also require prepayment based on estimates ($345 - $496) before they begin treatment.  Therefore we are asking for your help. A donation of any amount is appreciated and no amount is too small. $25, $15 even $5. Simply click on the Donation button on top right. 

Tom Cat turns Sweet Cat

We want to give Blackie that third chance, a  peaceful life to make up for the hell as a stray. He is now a sweet cat-- a sign that he recognizes the love of his guardian, the safety of an indoor environment, and the chance to live like a normal cat--toys, uninterrupted naps and lots of TLC.

On behalf of  Blackie, Maria and all stray and black cats, THANK YOU!!!


  1. We will be back to donate. My Dad is at the Emergency Clinic with Sister Sascha.

  2. de best oh fishes two ewe dood....we R trooly sorree ya haz had de stuff tozzed yur way that ya haz...may St Francis keep ewe well; N may ya bee on de road ta re covree sew quik, ya getz a speedin tickit....


  3. The poor baby. I hope you can collect enough money to pay for her vets.

  4. Done! Hope many MORE donations come in.

  5. Oh poor Blackie! We hope he can get the help he needs.

  6. OMC! Please tell me that Blackie is going to make it. I so wish I could help but I can only share on Social Media.

  7. Hello! Has Blackie made it through yet?