Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Review of Minted

by Christine Michaels

Another favorite time of the year is upon us. Creating Christmas cards! As a marketing professional, "image is everything" and so it's important to our organization to create a card that conveys our message of elevating community and black cats, in a distinct, memorable way.  While some women spend hours shopping in a mall, I lose myself scrolling through pages galore picking pretty colors, shapes, fonts, images, etc..  Custom creating holiday cards is so much fun and now it just got easier.  With so many online programs available, the only talent you need is decisiveness--something I sorely lack!

Here's one that I just created using my own black cat photo

This year I discovered Minted. Based in San Franciso, CA, Minted offers hundreds of styles for holiday cards.  Their unique designs are a result of design competitions where customers select the winners.

With a seemingly endless selection, it's hard to choose. There are the old-fashioned fonts, the contemporary blocks, the traditional scrolls, etc..  However! Minted offers a special feature to simplify the decision making called Find It Fast Just upload the photo you would like to use, regardless if it's horizontal or vertical format, click on the "Find it Fast" header, and your photo is automatically added to every design template! So now when you scroll through 10, 20, 30 pages, you save time from clicking the template, adding your photo and clicking to preview.  This is brilliant!

Once you select your design, that's only the beginning. Then you can choose the shape of the card--rectangular, rounded, oval... color of font, the thickness of paper, and a free digital proof.  Need help on the spot? No worries a "Live Chat" button will save the day.

Minted is not limited to cards. Invitations, mini card books, and paper ornaments are other Minted offerings. Known for their fresh unique designs, luxe paper, and customization features,  your audience will be impressed and wonder if you hired a professional stationery connoisseur.

Minted is great not just for your family holiday cards. We use them for our nonprofit organization to stand out from the pack.  Don't have a clear, quality photo? No worries. Just use photos already provided by Minted. Cody below is a pro at posing. So visit and let us know what you think!

Got my cup of cocoa, toes wiggling in fuzzy slippers, Christmas tunes streaming, settling in my comfy office chair, and now I'm ready to go shopping and create the Riverfront Cats Christmas card!

Disclaimer: I was offered Minted merchant credit  for sharing my experience through this blog post.