Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update on Leroy, the amputee

"So this is how humans live.
Didn't take long to get used this comfy, soft, ant-free, non concrete bedding."

We have an update on Leroy, the outdoor community black cat that lost his back hind leg.  His recuperation is going smoothly and he's adjusting to living indoors.  Leroy is certainly enjoying sleeping on a cool, not humid, soft human bed instead of hard, hot concrete.

"... but I miss climbing and running.
These condos don't have any trees or lumber piles like my old backyard."

But there's more good news!  Our volunteer Sabrina has decided to keep him along with her three other cats.  It was evident Leroy was in shock from both losing his leg and adjusting to a new environment. Often for cats a strange environment is more stressful than losing a limb. Given that Leroy was comfortable with Sabrina and allowed her and other volunteers to pet and hold him, we knew finding him a new home would cause additional stress.  So for now, he's happy.

We are still collecting donations to pay off the credit card bill for his treatment and surgery ($2,600). No amount is too small or large. We are extremely grateful for any amount whether it's $20 or $200 or $2000. Simply click the button on the right.

Aside from losing his leg, Leroy is a healthy cat and exhibits signs of curiosity and adventure.  He clearly misses climbing trees and running around. Exercise is important for all pets to prevent obesity and other health complications.  A cat tree would be ideal where he can climb easily and use his three limbs in a limited environment like his condo. If anyone would like to donate a cat tower here are a couple that would fit in his new home. Please email us for an address

These happy endings keeps us going in this tough line of work. Everyday we receive emails and calls of residents finding kittens, someone having to give up their pet cat, an elderly person who has passed and loved ones struggle to find homes for their pets...So we revel in these few victories, these precious moments.

Purchase the Espresso Lotus Cat Tower here  
Purchase cat tree resort here

Thank you for your support. Thank you for caring.
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  1. glad to hear he's doing well!xx Speedy and Mum

  2. I am so happy that dear Leroy is adjusting and now has his bery own happy!

  3. yeah for Leroy....he is one comfy looking house panther

  4. I'm glad Leroy is doing well.
    That Espresso cat tower is the nicest looking cat tower I've ever seen.

  5. dood...way awesum mews...sendin mor blessings oh st francis yur way...him haz plenttee ta spare...continmewed grate health for ewe....high paws N headbonks ta yur forevers mom sabrina.....

    this bee callin for a sell a brayshunz....

    bring on de flounder, toona, mackerull, sea bass, trout, pork chops, pizza pies, sghetti, ham samiches N friez !!

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end :) !!!

  6. I am glad to hear Leroy is adjusting well not only to the loss of his leg but his new home. Purrs for a long happy life..

  7. Learning from you that Leroy has been OK but realising that moving cats and rehoming them and stuff is stressful gives us more understanding of our current foster Harvey (former haoarder escapee and wanderer). We know we need to be patient - thanks for the valuable information.

    OK better get off and vote for you guys!


    Dash and Marjorie