Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rags to Riches Contest--Charlie's Magic Carpet to Abu Dhabi

 Charlie is the new Richie Rich

 UPDATE: Congratulations to CAREN GITTLEMAN of

It's that time again to celebrate another rescue and successful adoption. A year has passed since Charlie was rescued, adopted and rode the magic carpet to an exotic new home--Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates!

Charlie's story is special. So much that we devoted a three-part series of blog postings. For a brief recap before we get to the contest, Charlie was dumped and abandoned in our neighborhood.  In the nick of time, he was adopted by a young couple.  But then Nina and Felipe were leaving Miami and moving to the Middle East! What about Charlie? As responsible pet parents, they planned and coordinated special air travel for their new family member and spared no expense. No hesitation.  We wondered about the care of cats at a local cattery in Abu Dhabi and Charlie's adjustment to a condo in the desert.

Charlie is living the good life. From the humid, palm tree city of Miami, to the desert and palm tree city of Abu Dhabi, Charlie has struck it rich!   So now it's time to celebrate with another RAGS TO RICHES contest.

 Since the theme of Charlie's story is faraway travel, Riverfront Cats is giving away snazzy travel prizes  we know you will love! ONE lucky winner receives:

  • A $100 airline e-gift card for your choice of American or Delta Airlines.

  • Your choice of red or white handsome travel tote with cat imprint.

  • A hand held digital scale to easily weigh your luggage. 

Where would you go if you win? 
 Let us know by leaving a comment below.

OK now for the rules. Please read carefully as this contest will utilize the Rafflecopter. If you never used Rafflecopter, it's easier than it appears.  The trick is to click on the down arrow buttons next to the numbers like "+1". Then enter information if requested, and then click Enter. Easy Peasy!

There are two requirements.  
1. Leave a comment on this posting (articles in blogs are called "postings") or any other posting (by scrolling down to end of the posting and click "Comments" and add your comment)  AND  
2. Submit your email address--please see Rafflecopter below and in the box where it states "Please leave a blog post comment..." click on the down arrow next to "+1" and a drop down box appears where you can enter your email, then click "ENTER".  It's that easy! (Your email address is strictly for a way to contact the winner and will not be shared or disclosed). Leaving a comment and submitting your email is mandatory.  There are other ways to gain additional entries but they are not required.

This contest is open to residents of U.S. Canada, U.K. and Australia and New Zealand. Contest ends at midnight August 1, 2013. The winner will be announced any day after August 1 and will receive an email from us. Winner must reply within 48 hours.

This is our way of giving back to you our supporters, followers and donors. THANK YOU and Good luck!
And a huge thanks to our generous donors for the prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. That was some story about Charlie! Nice giveaway to but I neverr play with copters,

  2. What an amazing story of Charlie!! Will enter contest and try and wrassle with the copter mol

    That's a wonderful giveaway :) If I win I will donate!!

  3. Oh and we are voting for you every day (when we remember!!) :)

  4. I LOVE contests! Hmmm... if I win... if I win...

    If I win I'll give the certificate to someone who needs it to get a kitty from a dangerous place to a far better, safe place. Might give the tote to the peep. She could use it for caterwaulin' practice or something. And the scale? Hmmm.. MOUSES! The peep might use that to weigh ME!


  5. If I won I would Put the prise towards going to the US as it has been years since I have seen my Dad.but the bag I would auction off and the proceeds would go to charity,xx Rachel De Jong,Speedys mum

  6. what a GREAT PRIZE! I would use it to go to Atlanta (I am going to BarkWorld anyway but this would help!)

    catchat at mi dot rr dot com

  7. way awesum storee charlie....hope ewe bee livin large N in charge N lovin everee minit with yur new for evers food staff ;)

    best fishes two all de contestantz ...theeze R total lee awesum kewl prizes !!!!

  8. Iffen we cans enter from New Zealand ( near Australia ) we in is!


  9. We LOVE Charlie's story. : )
    Such a lucky kitty and a wonderful forever home.

    And what an amazing and generous giveaway! Glogirly would fly to California to visit her family.

    xoxo, Katie

  10. We especially loved seeing the photos of Charlie in his new forever home! ...Waffles has a fascination with the dishwasher too!

  11. Loved the story about Charlie =^.^=
    Lots of purrs

  12. I'd love to go see my Dad, but I don't think $100, would get me very far. I'd probably use it to get to Vegas for the next Blogpaws!