Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Response from Master Assoc.

Update August 1, 2011: Still no response from Master Association.

Dear Residents,

It's quite sad that no one from the Master Association has returned my emails (three emails have been sent) or telephone calls. Click here to read email recapping my meeting with the assistant to Riverfront Association.

Please know that I walked the neighborhood and discovered  more stray cats which was no surprise. So I turned to the association and suggested a budget of $1,000 to spay/neuter any new strays for year 2011. What is $1,000 divided among 1,500 units? 66 cents a unit! They have spent millions of dollars on landscaping and anti-earth friendly tar for our roads but zero for the animals that live here. That are inherent part of this land.

What does this say? As many of you have indicated "they only care about money". Perhaps so.  But what is astounding is that this issue IS also about money. Imagine had residents volunteers not done anything two years ago to spay/neuter the cats. This property would have had 100 cats easily. The Master Association would have had to spend far more monies per cat to "remove" them which means to send them to their death.

This is the difficulty we (true animal lovers) face in trying to educate a community. Many just don't care. If the Riverfront Association wants hundreds of cats to run amok...

Who are the players?
  •  Key International (original developer; still heavily involved in outside association)
  •  ST Residential     (new asset management company overseeing the master association & the MINT)
  •  Starwood Capital (invested millions for the exterior improvements)

Christine Michaels


  1. Yes greedy bastards. They only care about money and themselves. They spend money on fancy grand opening party and placing anti-earth friendly tar on our streets that didn't need it! But ignore something that does affect the property. If they care about "appearances" why don't they help! Well I firmly believe, "what goes around, comes around".

  2. Big businesses only have one goal, one mindset--profits. Two people were killed on property and they want to keep it hush hush. It's all about the quick buck.

  3. They ought to be ashamed. It is outrageous that such dedicated volunteers have been footing the bill and doing all the work only to have the developers refuse to lift a finger when asked for a little bit of help. Their irresponsibility would make a great story in the Miami Herald or New Times.