Thursday, February 10, 2011

Elvis is Dead

Dear Neighbors,

With a heavy heart I report that Elvis is dead and Bobbsie is missing for several weeks and is presumed dead. Elvis was the only white and black cat and was the most shy of all the cats. He was found dead by one of the volunteers on SW 3rd Street.  We don't know the cause but perhaps he suffered internal injuries from being run over by a vehicle. Drivers race like speed demons on that road.

Bobby's brother, Bobbsie, has been missing for weeks and is presumed dead. He was a soft gray colored cat. He mostly resided by the alley or the "cat resort" which is the paved area on the east side of the bridge.

This is the life of street cats.

At the same time, SIX new black cats have joined the neighborhood. They are about a year old and could be Johnny Walker' siblings.  They do not appear to be social with humans and will have to be trapped for sterilization and live outside.  Therefore I will be contacting the Master Association for their financial contribution. Please click here on my efforts to get Riverfront Association involved.

Please consider donating cat food for our Riverfront cats or make a small financial contribution so we may buy cat food and flea/tick/heartworm/parasite medication which is added to their food.

For Financial donation, please use PayPal and send to

Christine Michaels
Lead Volunteer, Riverfront Cats

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  1. The developer, who I understand runs the outside association only cares about money! He didn't care about safety and hired dumb and dumber after many car break ins, and definitely doesn't care about animals or "community". Only money!Warn your friends NEVER to buy from Key International.