Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Counter Protest Against MDAS

Maria Gonzalez demonstrates another solution to the shelter problem.
Organizers did not agree and screamed at her with blowhorns
On February 15, a woman by the alias "Rose Bloom" organized a protest against  Miami Dade Animal Services and demanded that the director, Dr. Sara Pizano resign. They claimed conditions were not acceptable for the animals. While animal advocates all agree conditions need to improve, many other volunteers with reputable organizations also support Dr. Pizano who has made notable progress. Christine Michaels had the opportunity to attend and protest the protest.
Click here to read Elinor Brecher's article in the  Miami Herald. According to Christine...
I had the opportunity to attend and speak in defense of Dr. Pizano. Some protestors just have no civility. It's disturbing to me how simple facts are grossly distorted. To show their ignorance, one protester approached a fellow volunteer stating that we (Cat Network) "don't take in black cats". Can you believe that! As if we cat loving folks discriminate against black cats. Apparently they didn't know WE organized the Black Cat gala to increase awareness and adoptions!
I was quoted at the end of the article but was not fully quoted. For clarification, "I agree with the protest's goals of demanding government provide more funding for the shelter." But I do not agree or can stomach extremist tactics such as those by No Kill Nation members on a Facebook page for this protest.  The comment by Amy Restucci on Facebook that I don't believe Auschwitz occurred was beyond disturbing on many levels.  Other protesters were starting to see their true colors. Shame on No Kill for using jihadist-like rhetoric.

I am proud to be a member of Cat Network that truly cares about animals first!

Sallie Byrd (former director of Humane Society) and Christine Michaels (Cat Network)

Charlene shares a positive solution of teamwork
Organizers of protest yelled at her "Traitor"

Rescue organizations believe there is more than one solution.

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  1. Bravo Charlene, Maria, and Christine for your courage and calmness in the face of extremists who, sadly, put their twisted agenda in front of animal welfare.