Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dasher Got Adopted!

Day 5: Dasher loves his new cat daddy Jason

Great news! Dasher, our Christmas kitten,  was adopted two weeks ago and adjusted rather quickly. In just two days he was meeting and getting along with resident tuxedo cat, Sam.  Dasher also loves his new daddy. It's an all boys club in this household and no fighting. Just respect and all around love.  Another happy ending.

Day 1: Under the bed, naturally

Day 3: Dasher joins the MAN club--sitting next to his new daddy and the remote control!

Day 4: Dasher becomes friends with resident cat, Sam

Day 6: Dasher and Sam napping together
Day 7: Dasher and Sam, best buddies forever
We love these happy endings. It fuels our spirit, keeps us motivated to continue helping these helpless creatures who are grateful for shelter, food, warmth and love.