Saturday, March 16, 2013

Is Your Cat afraid of the Big Bad Vacuum Cleaner?

Are all cats afraid of The MONSTER??? The Vacuum Cleaner? Turns out many pet households also label this loud, moving appliance as the unfriendly alien.

In general cats are frightened by sudden or loud noises. Even dogs can be spooked by these upright, mobile, metal/plastic objects with roaring noise. Our family of felines exhibit a range of reactions in response to the bright yellow "transformers".

Hansel & Gretel immediately scamper and run under the bed. Helio will watch at a distance but once the machine comes within a few feet, he races off true to his name sake (race car driver Helio Castronoves).
Jean Pierre and Geisha will awaken from a nap and give a perturbed look "Do you have to vacuum now mom? It's nap time".  As the monster comes within inches, the "man of the house" and "supermodel" jump out of their pet beds and seek refuge in the next room. I apologize for interrupting their beauty sleep.

We also know there are exceptions. Meet Johnny Walker who is more curious than scared of the vacuum cleaner.  He is one cool cat! See the video below.  And he's an all black cat--just further proof that black cats are intelligent and special!

Stress is unhealthy for humans and cats. It's important to announce to your cat of the incoming intrusion. At our household, the sound of the wheels of the vacuum cleaner signals that the Monster will rear it's roaring self.

We'd like to know if your cat is scared and how they react.   Tell us! Also what do you call the vacuum cleaners? Do you call it "The Monster" or some other label? Leave a comment below and take our poll to the right.


  1. Speedy is indifferent to it normally bunnies are afraid

  2. Austin is getting used to it I think, but definitely better if he's sleepy lol

  3. It's funny, with Cody it truly depends. He doesn't like it by any means but he doesn't necessarily seem to be afraid of it.
    My Angel Kitty, Bobo, was terrified of it!

  4. All twelve of us HATE the vacuum with a passion. purrs

  5. Scooter runs and hides if I even touch the vacuum cleaner. I try not to do that too often!

  6. Roxie and Sheena are still very afraid of it and I only use a very small vacuum cleaner. When they see me picking everything from the floor they know the monster is coming; Sheena hides under the bed and Roxie goes inside a box they play with. I hope they get used to it.