Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prison Inmates Socialize Cats

Just came across this  news headlines.  It's absolutely brilliant and an easy solution.  A win-win-win-win for cats, inmates, taxpayers, and the shelters. Watch the news video below. These cats have perches, natural light, fresh air and constant attention.  


Since the program began last year, the inmates have helped nine cats get adopted. They also raised six kittens, bottle-feeding them every four hours until the animals could eat solid food.

To work with the cats, the inmates must have a history of good behavior with the Department of Corrections and no violent crimes or animal abuse in their history. The application process also includes an interview with prison staff.

While other prisons have foster programs for dogs, this is the only program involving cats in the Washington State Department of Corrections, according to prison officials.

This is a model example of a solution that works!


  1. It took a while to find the video, but it does the heart good to see the prison inmates bonding with the cats! I bet for some of the men it is their first exposure to love and affection!! Great idea :)

  2. I love that! We have a local program at a prison when the inmates TNR and care for the ferals.

  3. I love this concept! There is also a place in Georgia who does it, they recently began following me on Twitter. Kudos to them!

  4. A winning idea for every being involved! I hope to see more of this going on.

  5. LOVE this!!!
    What a wonderful idea to help kitties AND people.

  6. Def a Win Win with all the cats being killed in our CA shelters everyday.

  7. This is an excelent idea. It's a win-win situation, the cats get love, attention and care and the inmates learn from the love they receive back from the cats, which is a priceless rewarding feeling. I applaud them.