Monday, December 12, 2011

Woman Leaves $13 Million to her Black Cat

Our Monday morning just got brighter with this great story.

Little did anyone know that a quiet, humble old woman, Maria Assunta of Italy was worth $13 million and upon her death, she bequeathed her entire worth and estate to her pet cat, Tomasso.


The story gets better. This is no pedigree cat purchased for top dollar. Tommaso is actually a stray, black cat rescued from the streets of  Rome. Tomasso's fortune will be managed by Maria's long-time nurse, Stefania.

Now some might say this is a waste of money. But if you think about it for a moment, the nurse and cat were the two constants in her life providing comfort and love. Neither knew Maria was wealthy. They loved her unconditionally, the greatest gift of all.

Tommaso is now ranked number 3 in the list of wealthy pets. 

Tell us what you think? Would you leave money to your pet? Or donate to animal welfare organization? Or both?
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 To read the complete story on ABC News, click here!

We love black cats and will be planning our annual Black Cat gala to elevate and spotlight the black cat. Sadly they are the most euthanized pet in the US. But to us, they are special. Black cats are very intelligent and beautiful. Their shiny black coats contrasting their gold or green eyes is mystical, magical and stunning.
We welcome any type of donation to help us overturn misperceptions of black cats and in feeding and caring for these abandoned creatures.


  1. I have to say I would donate it to an animal organization AFTER I left enough to ensure that my beloved pet was "set" for this rest of his/her life.

    If the nurse was a long time caregiver I would give to her as well.

    On the other paw...I would like to come back as one of her cats in another life!

  2. I think that's an amazing story! I'm sure the nurse will not only continue taking care of Tommaso, but hopefully help other strays that are deserving of love and care. It's a beautiful legacy this woman has left behind.

  3. love it! and love that it's a black kitty too!

  4. This is awesome. I would leave my car to my cats, but they don't have a license yet.