Monday, December 5, 2011

Art Zoo at Art Basel

My favorite artwork, of course

On Saturday I had the opportunity to attend Art Zoo--an Art Basel event that incorporated animal rescue theme, benefitting Paws4You rescue an organization dedicated to saving pets from euthanasia at the overcrowded local shelter. 

All pets were invited to the event, I even kissed a pig! Did I like it? Read on!

Below is Katia. Isn't she stunning? She was dumped on the streets, wandering. Thankfully a guardian angel intercepted and saved her.

Katia is a Borzoi, a Russian wolfhound

Katia with owner, Michelle Headley

Anastasia the Great paints Katia
 Hope Gainer of Hope International was the fabulous organizer of this event and she thought of everything! From the idyllic location at Finnegan's on the River, a spacious outdoor bar along scenic Miami River, animal print attire, to the "artsy pet costume" contest, to the myriad artwork depicting cats and dogs and cheetahs and more. Speaking of cheetahs, Elkie, the model in zebra and cheetah body paint moved with the agility and stealth of a cheetah!  Swimsuit models also accessorized dogs and puppies awaiting adoption. Very Miami chic!

David Nesslein and Annie Davis with Coco & Chanel

Paintings in the Pool

Elkie displays body paint artwork

Elkie escapes the cage to show off beagle for adoption

Love this painting

A jewelry vendor also displayed unique pieces that a portion of sales went to Paws4You rescue. Naturally I did my Christmas shopping right there and treated myself to a special necklace. What a great idea.

I met many adoptable dogs, adult and puppies, small and large, that were distinctly unique!
Ok I didn't really kiss a pig but we did rub noses! Is that a kiss in animal behavior?

This is a nano or micro pig. They weigh up to 35 pounds.
So when my sister said she wanted a nano pig for Christmas I had to claw my way through the crowds surrounding this pig to see what a micro pig looked like.  He's quite chunky, yes he's a pig.  My sister wants a black one. To go with her (rescue) black cat. I love it!

The owner is a married couple with children, and three dogs. It was the father who wanted the pig as a pet for the longest time. The pig is an indoor pet and he uses the dog's wee wee pad. My sister will train her pig to use the litter box.  I wonder which is better. One thing I learned, pigs urinate while they drink water. I wonder if sis knows this. Also, those pads don't hide the odor of feces once they go to relieve themselves that roll around like bowling balls run amok outside the bowling lane. She wishes they trained the pig to use litter box.

Art Zoo was a memorable inaugural event to admire animal themed artwork, help promote adoptable dogs, do some Christmas shopping, and mingle with like-minded animal lovers.

Thinking of getting a purebred dog or cat? Don't buy while shelter pets die. 25% of pets at shelters are purebred!

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