Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How You Can Help

There are many ways residents can help the Riverfront cats live humanely. Please take the time to learn the various ways and choose one or more ways that fits your ability to donate financially or with your time. Just think if your pet escaped and went homeless, wouldn't you want someone to show compassion to your lost, homeless pet?

Click here for HOW YOU CAN HELP.

You are ALWAYS welcome to join Christine or Gustavo (the father of Matilda) or the other Gustavo (dog walker) to meet the cats, watch how they are fed, interact with them, and see them play.

Lastly Christine judiciously saves all receipts if anyone would like to see how much cat food she has purchased in past year. The management at local Publix all know her by name since she shops there three times a week for cat food.

Bless you for considering. Remember the problem of feral and stray cats is not a cat problem. It's a human problem. Now we have a responsibility to help them live humanely.

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