Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Can Make Big Difference in Small Ways

We often hear people say, "If I had lots of money or won the lottery, I would donate substantially to help these animals or start a rescue and buy land to house them all."

Well, you don't have to dream big to make a big difference. In small ways, you can have a tremendous impact!

We are in need of the following:

1- Cat feeders.  Currently we have three volunteers who ensure the cats are fed every night. We would greatly appreciate help one night a week. A teamwork is formed and thanks to text messaging and email technology, volunteers can always switch nights for any reason.

2- Water Feeders. Can you imagine living outside with no clean water to drink? Well this is very easy. Just on your way out, you can leave bowls filled with water. Takes less than 5 minutes!

3- Cat food donation. The cats eat Friskies dry cat food (Seafood flavor) and canned moist food, also Friskies brand. Riverfront pets are accustomed to the moist food with lots of gravy such as "Chicken & Salmon" in gravy. This help with dehydration. On a daily basis it takes 8 cans and one-third of a 4 lb. bag.

 4- Cash donation. Whatever is easier, whether cash, check, gift card or via PayPal (to, we accept all forms of donations towards the purchase of cat food or paying vet bills.

- Pre pay for medical treatments at the Brickell Animal Hospital. This is another great way to have funds readily available for those unexpected emergencies. The clinic is located around the corner on 8th Street. Convenient!

6- Prevent Cat Population. To contribute towards spaying/neutering the cats (two need to be sterilized: Bobby and Elvis), please make a donation to the Octavio Feline Foundation in the name of Riverfront Cats. It costs $80/cat to have cat humanely trapped by professional, the surgery for spay/neuter, rabies vaccination and two days of post surgery care. As you may know it costs $250 on average just to have a cat spayed/neutered at regular vet but through this wonderful foundation, they can do more for less money.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to Octavio Feline Foundation (as permitted by extent of the law) and receive a receipt. However, please know the Foundation only accepts cash at this time (from individuals) due to countless checks bouncing during the past two years. The founder/President ended up spending thousands of her own money to cover the medical bills. Also, when cats are spayed/neutered, they also receive rabies vaccination.

If you have any questions or are ready to help, please contact Christine via email




  1. Cats by the riverfront in Miami are not usually sick and if they were they would not transmit any diseases unless you interact directly with them. On the other hand, they drive away rats and are generally quiet. Support this site!

  2. Thanks for all the hard work you do on behalf of the Riverfront cats. Thanks also for telling people about the Octavio Feline Foundation on your website. I am presently unable to t-n-r myself as I don't have a place for recovery and thanks to perusing your website I knew that there was someone out there who could help. I came back to your site months after reading about the organization and was able to contact them.