Saturday, May 21, 2016

Biker Cat Rides the Harley Across the Rainbow Bridge

Owner Christopher Coppola and Biker Cat in California

It is with sadness and a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of a celebrity cat--Otto, more famously known as Biker Cat.

While his owner carries a famous last name, (Christopher Coppola is nephew to movie director Francis Ford Coppola and brother to Nicholas Cage), it is Otto who took the Hollywood and family spotlight in the past decade once he was featured in Animal Planet riding a motorcycle with his own jacket and goggles around Los Angeles.  This was his lifestyle, hence the nickname, Biker Cat. The two of them proved, that "Real Men Love Cats". Click here to view video by Christopher Coppola.

On an Animal Planet segment focusing on the physical attributes and nature of Burmese black cats, Otto exemplified their athletic build, the distinct gold eyes set wide apart, short silky coat, and the need to follow their owners.  The Burmese is the cousin to the Siamese cat.

Biker Cat was also the celebrity guest at the inaugural Le Chat Noir gala, the first ever pet charity event in Miami focusing on black cats back in October 2010. The brainchild of Christine Michaels and organized by The Cat Network, Le Chat Noir elevated black cats to overturn misconceptions and myths and thus to increase adoptions of these cats, the number one color of homeless cats.

Biker cat and Chistopher sitting on motorcycle in downtown Miami for guest appearance
adopt black cats shelter cats
Christopher, Biker Cat and Christine Michaels on Harley motorcycle in front of EPIC hotel

Otto wearing his goggles.
Later that evening in the Design District of Miami, Florida...
Christopher Coppola and Otto emerge from limousine.
A fedora hat was custom made for him by
the Hollywood costume designer for Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Biker Cat walks the red carpet.
He doesn't even blink with 300 guests excitedly watching and flashing cameras.

"Black cats are sleek, strong, intelligent and elegant. To demonstrate these qualities we glamorized and spotlighted them by hosting this event in a Hollywood black and silver theme and where young black cats adorned with Swarovski collars, were trained to walk on leashes down the cat walk." shares Chairperson Christine Michaels. "With Biker Cat's appearance, it is still the most memorable and talked about pet charity event in Miami."

Otto: "Are you getting this?"
Otto is loving the ladies.

 To infuse all that is Miami, the event also included bikini models unveiling a new swimwear line. To top it off,  black cats strutted down the catwalk in their diamond collars. To view more photos from the event, click here

Le Chat Noir reached the pages of a widely-read, local magazine. Brickell Magazine features the movers and shakers, leaders of downtown Miami in real estate, fashion, business, and other segments. 

Article in Brickell Magazine.
(To view better, right click on image. Choose Open in New Tab and zoom in)

Le Chat Noir black cats rescue cats charity gala
Jennifer Angel (Emcee & International Astrologist) and
Christine Michaels (Chairperson) Oct 2010

To learn more about the Le Chat Noir event, click here

Volunteer pictured with 6 month black kitten model that strutted catwalk

Biker cat you are a legend and taught the world so much about the intelligence and companionship of cats. Thank you. Ride that Harley motorcycle Otto. Ride over the bridge. Never stop riding, because we will never forget you.

black cats Burmese cats fedora hat


  1. Very sad to hear of his passing. He was one cool cat!

  2. Wow, what an exciting life he had. Treasure the memories.

  3. A true legend indeed... RIP Biker Cat... you will be missed...

    Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang

  4. Sorry to hear the passing of Otto. May he ride away over the rainbow bridge. He helped to raise awareness of #black cats and #realmenlovecats ~ thank Otto and rest in peace✨🐾