Sunday, December 8, 2013

Riverfront Cat Wines for any Occasion

In our  mission to elevate, spotlight and  celebrate cats, Pawsitively Humane Inc. is excited to announce Riverfront Wines to benefit Riverfront Cats!

With six wines to choose from and elegant labels featuring a rescued cat from rags to riches, this makes the perfect gift for the holidays or any special occasion--birthday, anniversary, new home, new job, new cat or kitten.

We aim for the best as all cats and their guardians deserve the finest wine.  With organically grown grapes, hand harvested in Chile, Riverfront Wines selection will appeal to all palates.

Riverfront Wines makes ideal gift for
- yourself
- a relative who cherishes their pet cat
- a friend who just adopted a new cat or kitten (instead of handing out cigars, give wine!)
- a colleague who can't have pets but believes in the cause to help homeless pets

Let's educate about cats...
Let's celebrate cats...
Let's spread the cheer that all cats-- homeless, stray, and black cats--make the best companion and deserve a permanent home.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL WINES & ORDER your bottle or collection today.

A proceed benefits Riverfront Cats. On behalf of the next kitten that is bottle fed, the next black cat that we scoop up in our arms, the next feral cat that is king of his jungle, CHEERS!


  1. I am holding on to this. I am waiting for some checks to sister-in-law that lives in Miami would LOVE this (along with her other birthday gift) her birthday is Dec 27....I think I may have to order her some!

  2. What a fur-tastic idea!