Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back!

The most important date is upon us!

It's National Feral Cat Day!

For National Feral Cat Day, our founder Christine is like a kid at Halloween--brainstorming creative ideas, weeks of planning, culminating into one hot mess--a music video.  That's because Christine admittedly can not sing! The lengths she goes to, to raise awareness and trigger a dialogue about homeless cats, feral cats, black cats and cat women!

Take it away Christine...

Hello followers, fans and first-time visitors!  In my mission to overturn misconceptions about stray cats and cat women, and to elevate and celebrate them, this year I donned my black cat costume and kicked it up several notches by orchestrating a quirky but fun music video to show:

1) Feral cats are cats too. Community cats, whether friendly or feral, exhibit the same range of emotions and need for food and affection as indoor pet cats. They have a special place in my heart. Stray cats are thrilled with a scoop of food and  head scratches and do not make demands. They have taught me valuable life lessons, yet society remains largely unaware of their plight and suffering.  To know them is to love them! I have my work cut out for me.

Cosette is a 5 year-old feral Riverfront Cat who never lets us pet her.
But she smiles, meows and does her happy dance when she sees or hears caretakers.

2) Cat women are sexy on the inside and out. Stereotypes surround cat women. In reality we are single, married, with kids, grandchildren, and work as doctors, lawyers, teachers, models, actors, bankers...Cat women come from all backgrounds and professions. We're Sexy and We Know It (hey that's a famous party song --hmm I sense next year's video), although we may not dress sexy while feeding cats. We're also practical when making our rounds. Cat women are not crazy. We are compassionate and passionate. It's what's on the inside that matters most.

This is Midnight. One of three black Riverfront Cats.

3) Cat women know how to have fun.  Lord knows I can not sing.  Have you ever sang in the shower when you're in a great mood thinking no one can hear you?  I feel good about the work I do and wanted to let that exuberance shine through a-la-Christine style, clean fun (no twerking necessary).

"What was a I thinking?"

"Wind blown hair is not all that glamorous"
"Can you tell I'm cleaning and grooming my face after eating?"

[For those that may not recognize the music, it's inspired by Justin Timberlake's song "Sexy Back"]

So sit back, grab your beverage of choice, and please laugh with me, not at me.
CHEERS to Feral Cats and Cat Ladies!

To learn more about Christine, visit her personal blog.

So how did you honor National Feral Cat Day? Was it like any other feeding day? Or did you indulge your colony with special treats? (We served lactose-free milk--healthy and yummy!)  Did you host a special event? Anyone else humiliate themselves like Christine?  Let us know! Share your comments below.


Whether it's wearing your favorite tshirt and jeans, or wearing fuzzy slippers while drinking glass of wine or your rendition of sliding across the room in socks and briefs lip synching...
Send us your sexy self photos 
 sexy cat photos and stories! 

Special appearances by the Riverfront Cats: Romeo, Cosette, Tabitha, Samantha, Fannie, Sinbad, Bobbie, Gabriel, Mama, Midnight, Cali, and Tomcat.  Indoor rescue cats: Johnny Walker, Ninji and Gretel.

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 Note: This is not a paid sponsorship by Purina for Friskies. We feed the cats Friskies dry and moist canned food and therefore used the brand name in the lyrics.


  1. We love our ferals too and we love that catgirl!

  2. oh my..... :) The new theme song for TNR!!! Rock on Christine!

  3. OMC I wish I had seen this BEFORE I saw Jackson Galaxy's video! This is a ZILLION times better!
    Not only are you ADORABLE but your message came through loud and clear. Let's clear up the misconceptions about feral cats and "cat ladies"
    Hell if I looked as great as you do I would don a black cat suit too!
    Love you girlfriend and all the good that you do! And geeze, you can SING TOO! You sounded great!

  4. Love this video! And of course, you look amazing. The kitties did some stellar performances as well.

  5. Meow!! Great job and wonderful message!! Kudos to you for having so much fun with this and I hope this video is shared far and wide!

  6. This is brilliant!

  7. Pawsome, Christine!!!
    Rock the TNR!

  8. Great video. I came to tell you TW did all the graphics. The one with me was done in photoshop but she got lazy and used the online program Pizap for the others.