Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sophie's leg is amputated

Many of you have asked for an update on Sophie, the one pound kitten rescued off the streets with hip dysplasia. We can't thank you enough for your concern and support for this tiny, innocent creature.

Well, I have bad news but also good news to share. For Sophie's first surgery, we knew it was a gamble on whether it would correct the leg and, more importantly, if she could keep the leg and grow normally. But we had to try.

Unfortunately, she lost nerve sensation in her paw that was she bending her toes at the lower phalanges (knuckles) which is dangerous as her weight would eventually crush those tiny bones.  The vet further explained other complications as her body continued to grow.  There were two options. A surgery to install a fixator that would cost $15,000 (yes that's 3 zeros) or amputation.We are a tiny nonprofit and of course that narrowed it down to one option--to amputate her hind leg.

As a pet lover and working in the trenches of rescue and adoption, I've come across many happy-ending stories of dogs and cats with special needs.  I know they can live long, happy lives, some better than those without special needs.  I was at peace with the decision knowing the right pet owner makes all the difference.  So just four weeks after her first surgery and weighing only two pounds, little Sophie's hind right leg was amputated. 

How is she doing? Well like many cats, Sophie is strong and a fighter.  While she can not walk normally (her back end slumps as she scoots in her hind leg to move forward and her weight distributes to the one leg) I was amazed how fast she runs, or hops I should say. Playing and racing with her brothers, Sophie can hop fast!  (Hmm may have to change her name to Speedy Rabbit.)

Sophie, Luciano, Figaro

As you can imagine, her vet bill was high--a whopping $1,300. Thankfully that bill was paid. But that's only the beginning. There was also her blood test, vaccinations and cost to get her spayed and neutered. Vet bills add up fast.

Actually it's easier than you may think!
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Sophie napping with her brother Figaro (she's wearing gauze around neck.
You'll notice the stitches from where she lost her right leg)

We thank you for your continued support.  Little Sophie is a constant reminder not to get upset over little things and never to take life for granted and to be grateful for what we have--our health, our jobs, our friends and family.

The hardest part awaits us. Finding a permanent home. If you are interested in meeting little Sophie and giving her a home for the holidays, please email us at

UPDATE: Sophie was adopted in January 2013! 


  1. We all send you purrs sweet Sophie and although we can't help much my Dad will send a few green papers. Love ya little sweetie, keep fighting.

  2. Aaaah Brian. Of course you would connect with Sophie. You and your siblings are all rescue cats. But if you are able to order items from eBay or Amazon, check out (choose Pawsitively Humane, Inc in Miami, FL). Shopping online helps us collect donations from retailers Thank you for your generous spirit!

  3. Christine you are amazing! Will definitely contribute. I know you carry most of the burden of educating, writing, research, blogging, rescuing, vet visits, nursing, finding homes, fundraising...Please tell us what else you need in terms of human capital so we can spread the word and help you! You must be exhausted.

  4. What a stunning face! We will share but pls post on our FB page anytime.