Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eva Longoria Cat Lover

Another celeb is coming out of the cat closet. Well not really, it was never a secret for Eva Longoria whose had life long love for cats since she was a little girl.

Here is a link to her involvement in an ad campaign showing a single sexy woman coming home from work and starts dancing. Who is her  audience? A cat!

Here's to sexy cat ladies turning around the misconception of cat lovers!

Do you know of any other celebrities who are cat lovers? We know about Carrie Ann Inaba, Eva Longoria and Cee Lo Green.  Click on "Comment" and tell us who is your favorite celeb cat lover.


  1. Great idea! The more creative we get about getting the message out the better.

  2. I never knew that!! thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Her beauty radiates from the inside out and that makes her all the more sexy!! We need a spokescatperson like her on our team!!

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