Friday, November 25, 2011

Turn Tiny Paw Prints into Christmas Cards

Every Christmas I follow a fading tradition of sending a physical card with a handwritten message to friends, family, and colleagues.  This lets the recipient know I took extra time in this increasingly hectic world, to think about that individual person or family. Who doesn't smile or skip a heartbeat when they see a personal greeting card sitting in their mailbox amidst a pile of negativity--bills! It's the first mail piece to be opened, or ripped open. I know I love to receive a greeting card and cherish it by displaying it across my media center.

Since I discovered Tiny Prints earlier this year, I no longer have to expend valuable time and gas money to drive to crowded parking lot of a store and stand elbow to elbow with other customers scanning the dizzying rows of Christmas cards. Tiny Prints is an online card service where you can easily choose from an organized selection of cards and  personalize each individual card including the name of the recipient, the photos, and anything else you choose to have printed on the card.

I now use it for my nonprofit effort in raising awareness about homeless pets, especially cats. For every donation over $20, I customize a card for the donor and Tiny Prints will mail it directly with the stamp. Convenience and customization.

So instead of being a chore, selecting and designing my Christmas cards or any card is so much fun!

So which card did I choose this year? First I always choose the folded card. This way it's easy for the recipient to stand and display the card. Usually this catches the attention of other visitors, family members and guests.  Remember this is also a solicitation card for donations. So the upper, inner flap tells the story of Johnny Walker and thanks the recipient for their past and continued support.

Then as the chairperson for raising awareness of the plight of black cats and dogs (the least adopted and most euthanized in shelters) I am constantly finding ways to overturn misperceptions and elevate the black cat and dog. Last year, right after Christmas, my home still lingered with white poinsettas.  Fortunately a foster cat, Johnny Walker appeared in a perfect pose behind the white poinsettas. With my camera nearby, I tiptoed back to the balcony and captured the ideal photo. So I'll be ordering 50+ and add a written message for that extra personal touch.

Searching through Tiny Print's abundant selection of holiday cards, I found this beautiful card titled "Fancy Snowflake" which balanced the gold and black colors of my photo. Hence the photo above! Remember you can customize the salutation and closing, the greeting and even include other photos and/or messages inside and the back of the card! To complete the presentation, Tiny Prints also offers complimenting address labels and party invitations.

So enjoy this new outlet for ordering and sending Christmas cards or greeting cards, party invitations for any occasion!

Merry Christmas!
Christine for Riverfront Cats

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  1. What a great idea and I see they have wonderful range of designs. Thank you for the reminder of how impersonal emails are for Christmas. I'm going to return to the old-fashioned style and let friends and family know I'm thinking of them!