Monday, July 11, 2011

Le Chat Noir featured in Brickell Magazine

Johnny Walker looks up at Christine Michaels during photoshoot

Black cats are once again basking in the spotlight!  Brickell Magazine, a high end magazine focusing on leaders, important trends and success stories for the downtown Miami area, featured a one page article on Le Chat Noir. 

Under the "Entrepreneur" section, the title was "Kitty Care".  The article spoke about the conception and the event called Le Chat Noir, the Cat Network's inaugural Black Cat Gala, to raise awareness about the uniqueness of black cats, reduce their euthanization rate at shelters while increasing their adoption rate.

NOTE: there was a misstatement in the article that I need to correct here.  It was NOT the state of Maryland that mandated not to send black kittens. It was the shelter in Bowie that made the call.  Please know the article was the draft the reporter wrote and I had corrected it but the reporter is no longer with the magazine. I had sent several emails to the reporter and editor with corrections but this was earlier in the year. 

Johnny Walker

There are plenty of black cats for adoption within the Cat Network.  For example, Johnny Walker and Audrey Tiffany Hepburn are a great pair.  Click here to learn about their unique personalities and view more photos of  them! To the future parents of JW and Tiffany, you'll receive a beautiful gift basket with essential food and toys (a $75 value for free) PLUS a bottle of Coppola wine donated by Christopher R. Coppola and Biker Cat!

Le Chat Noir was a beautiful, exciting and memorable event! More importantly it raised awareness, funding and started to overturn long-held myths about black cats and cat women. Black cats are lucky and there are plenty of sexy Cat Ladies in Miami!

Soon we'll begin planning our next event so be on the lookout for that email!
Here's to saving more than 9 lives!


  1. What a great article! Thank you for working hard to get it submitted in such an upscale magazine. I hope it leads to increased awareness of the plight of the black cat and, most importantly, more adoptions!

  2. This is fantastic Christine! Congratulations! Keep up the good work for animals in need and especially our beautiful black cats. I've just returned from 2 months in Australia and New Zealand with my book, 'Tails' of American Bronte, where I was speaking to kids in schools. I did a power point presentation, teaching the importance of adoption and the need to protect black cats and dogs and not to discriminate because of the color of ones skin or fur. Good response!
    I'm looking forward to the next exciting event you organise Christine. Well done!
    Carole Stevens Bibisi
    Author, Illustrator, Black cat Artist.

  3. This is great publicity to educate the public about the plight of homeless cats here in South Florida. You are doing wonderful work getting the word out. Thank you!!