Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meet Johnny Walker

There's a new cat in town and his name is Johnny Walker.

One Sunday, when I was late in feeding the cats around 8:30pm, I jumped out of  my car and the car wash guys at The Wind exclaimed, "Thank God you arrived, it's cat pandemonium here!".  He explained there were cats up and down that streetfare awaiting something. I replied with profuse apologies that I had to work late and it was my turn to feed the cats. Hence I was late. Then suddenly this black cat ran up to me, begging for attention and affection. This was NOT Romeo or Zorro, the only two big black cats. This newcomer was much smaller but not a kitten.

Stunned, I asked the cat "Who are you?"  The second he allowed me to easily pick him up, I knew he was accustomed to humans.  Luckily for this black cat, he crossed my path!

Soon I noticed that the Riverfront cats did not welcome him (as expected) and kept attacking him. But this little guy would not take "no" for an answer and was fighting back.  He was determined to eat and find a comfortable home.  Good for him. Except he still has a couple of scar wounds to prove it.

Noticing his smooth stride, his friendly demeanor, and willingness to walk to you when called, I was on a mission to capture him and get him off the streets for good!

Johnny Walker is about 10 months old, he's undergoing treatment for ridding any internal parasites and tested negative for Feline Aids and Leukemia. Today he was neutered and is recovering nicely.  He should be ready for adoption in about one week!

This cat is special. His calm demeanor and easy glide have rightfully earned him his name, (although the Whiskey brand is spelled with an "ie" Johnnie).  He's not as playful for a young cat which means he may not have had siblings or he's just one cool cat who takes life easy.  Also he does not scratch furniture like most cats, only the single scratching post in my home.  But that could change. Time will tell.

In general I have found that black cats are more like dogs, very affectionate and  trainable.  Johnny Walker is special. Unfortunately I can not keep him but I'm doing my part to save one life, another life off the streets.

Look at him! He's absolutely gorgeous!
If you are interested in adopting Johnny Walker, contact Alicia at 786-205-6165 or email her at

Tails up!

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