Friday, November 12, 2010

Kittens, Smirnov and Stoli


These two kittens were found across the street in the empty fenced-in lot on 3rd Street. And now they need a loving home!

They are brothers and six months old. Smirnov is the Russian Blue and his brother Stoli, is the brown tabby.

Smirnov is all Russian-- intelligent, handsome with his short clean cut look, the blue-gray fur like a luxurious coat straight out of Dr. Zhivago, stoic and penetrating green eyes leave you mesmerized. For fun, Smirnov hunts for invisible creatures and then bounces around in a wild bunny hop. All he's missing is the vodka.


His brother on the other hand may have been nursed with vodka. His paws clumsily grab at dangling objects unable to pin them down.  A timid kitten, he peaks around the door watching his brother take a big step into unknown, wide space--the living room. An object moves and Stoli quickly scurries under the bed. His small round baby face is so endearing, he welcomes the cradling, the cooing, and the endless scratching of his head or belly rubs.  Stoli wants to be a kitten forever. 

These kittens need a loving home. They are both deflead, dewormed, received blood test, vaccinated and neutered.  You can adopt either kitten for only $75.00 or make their day and adopt both brothers for only $85.00. Any vet would charge $250 just to neuter them! If you adopt both kittens, you'll receive A GIFT BASKET that includes not one but two luxurious cat pet beds, premium cat food both moist and dry food, and the ASPCA cat handbook! Retail value for gift basket is $65.00.

According to cat experts, it's better to adopt two cats than one. They are happy and healthier when they have a playmate and are less likely to destroy your home. They are complete opposite but understand and love eachother.

If interested, please call Christine at 786-205-6165..

P.S. the mother is a new cat on the block but she does not reside where the Riverfront cats live by main entrance. The mother needs to be spayed before she gets pregnant again! To donate to this effort, please call or email Christine! Remember this is not the job of Animal Services or Humane Society. It's our responsibility--the community's responsibility. Click here to learn more.

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